manju soni writer

Manju Soni

Who am I? I grew up in apartheid South Africa with Nelson Mandela as my hero. I’ve been many things in my life, eye surgeon, drug developer, middle and elementary school tutor. I live in Connecticut and write science ebooks for kids and thrillers for adults.

Why I love STEM? The more I learn about the science, technology, engineering and math of things the more mystery I unearth and the more magical and exciting the world around me becomes.

Why I think AweSTEM is awesome? We can reach kids all over the world with AweSTEM ebooks

What I love to do? Cook, read and watch TV. In other words I’m a couch potato.

One thing about me my family thinks is weird: I play beats by slapping the inside of my elbow. It is weird, right?

Sejal Soni AweSTEM writer

Sejal Soni

Who am I? I was born in South Africa and moved to the US when I was nine. I went to Tufts and double majored in geology and environmental science. I’ve worked as a dive master, as a tutor at a STEM school and at Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay to help kids explore the Boston Harbor and Charles River in a hands-on way.

Why I love STEM? Because STEM is so relevant to the world today and certainly will be in the future. STEM encourages kids to think across disciplines with an eye towards finding practical solutions to challenges. Inspiring them and igniting that spark is definitely the first step to bringing kids into a world where these disciplines are used concurrently to help people.

Why I think AweSTEM is awesome? Because it’s so many cool things all in one place. I get to merge my creative side with my do-gooder and scientific side.

What I love to do? Scuba dive, take naps, hug my dog,

One thing about me my family thinks is weird: I lick my plate if the food is really, really good – only at home of course!